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IMPERFECT Little Dibby Gardening Tool (Patent Pending)

IMPERFECT Little Dibby Gardening Tool (Patent Pending)

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Introducing the IMPERFECT Little Dibby! Same great use as the regular Little Dibby, less-than-perfect appearance.

Planting seeds and thinning or transplanting seedlings shouldn't be stressful. The Little Dibby (Patent Pending), and the "Imperfect" Little Dibby are hand tools that help you get it all done!

And, because we hate to waste anything, we decided to sell all of our "goofs", "flubs" and "mess-ups" under the title "Imperfect Little Dibby". Truly, we feel every Little Dibby is perfect, but what makes them imperfect compared to the "regular" Little Dibby:

- some minor imperfections (dents, dings, scratches, etc)
- they might be rougher or unsanded
- they may have messier text on them

BUT, they still work just like the regular Little Dibby! You can plant seeds, thin, and transplant your new, tender seedlings all with this one tool. They just look a little less "perfect" than the regular Little Dibby.

Plus, they are made in The USA, right in our home.

Why you need this tool:

Are you tired of planting your seeds too deep or too shallow only to have them never germinate?

Is it really hard to thin or transplant your seedlings because they are so small and you can't find the proper tool?

If so, then the Little Dibby is just the tool you need!

Currently, there is nothing quite like this tool. There are two different tools that exist to help plant seeds (called a "dibber") or transplant seedlings (called a "widger"), but not combined together into one tool.

The Little Dibby was made for gardeners, by gardeners and is both a "dibber" and "widger." Two useful gardening tools in one.

Uniquely shaped on either end to get the job done easily and quickly, The Little Dibby is your go-to seed planting and seedling transplanter/thinner all in one!

Plant your seeds with confidence.

With pre-measured depth rings, you can plant seeds at various depths, including 1/8th, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 inch, 1 ¼ inch, and 1 ½ inch.

Transplant your seedlings safely.

Once your seeds have germinated and begin to crowd each other, they need to be thinned. That's where the "widger" end of The Little Dibby takes over.

Now you can safely choose which seedling to thin away and transplant that seedling with Little Dibby's mini shovel-scoop. It's as easy as that.

One Tool - Two Ends - Many Uses


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